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Variable pitch tread design reduces pattern noise and offers a quiet ride.
3D adaptive sipes create more biting edges for wet and winter grip. Orange Oil compound remains pliable whether it's wet or cold.
Unlimited treadwear warranty.
Breakthrough Orange Oil technology promotes lower rolling resistance-which saves fuel and money.
Quieter Ride
All-Season Traction
Long Tread Life
Fuel Efficiency
More Information
Introducing the world's first mass-produced tire with Orange Oil technology, the AVID Ascend by Yokohama. The AVID Ascend provides you with confident and safe all-season performance, and a luxuriously hushed ride.
Orange Oil, which is extracted from orange peels, is infused into the rubber compound and creates a perfectly balanced tire.
Long Tread Life - Orange Oil extends the tread life of the tire, meaning greater intervals between replacements, which in turn means you can keep your wallet in your pocket longer.
Better Fuel Economy - Orange Oil minimizes energy-robbing friction, so you'll go further on a tank.
Smaller Carbon Footprint - By infusing Orange Oil into the tire we use more sustainable product and less petroleum-based material. Yes, we love our planet.
Safe Control - The tread pattern of the AVID Ascend is designed with the latest tread design technology, giving you a remarkable degree of road-holding capability, even in the wet.


Every Big O Tire store is independently owned and operated so you know you are getting the right tire for your car in your neighborhood. Our Big O stores participate in the tire deals that bring their customers the best value in their local town!

With over 30,000 different tires available let the Tire Pros at Big O help you find the perfect tire using their free advice and many years of experience or you can simply shop on your own online!

1Schedule a telephone tire consultation with a local Big O Tire store. Let us walk you through the online catalogue and provide a quote on the best tire options for you.

2 Shop on your own using our extensive tire catalog for a total estimated price from a participating Big O Tire store. Then place your order and request a convenient time to have them installed

3 Request a local online quote for any tire in our catalog or any tire you may have in mind. We provide the best available total price and provide two free recommendations for your consideration so you can take advantage of any sales or rebates there may be locally.

Please call your local dealer for a quote.

To find the stock tire size for your vehicle look for the vehicle information placard located inside your vehicle.

Manufacturers place them in many different spots. However, some of the most common ones are:

Driver side front door
Driver side rear door
Driver side "B" pillar (post closest to door hinge)
Passenger side "B" pillar
Passenger side front door
Passenger side back door
Driver side "C" pillar (post closest to the door handle)
Passenger side "C" pillar
Fuel filler door
Trunk/hatch area
Glove box
Centre console
Sun visor

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