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Though the company was only established in 2007, Maxtrek tire brand has made serious moves to earn its reputation as a youthful and quickly developing brand of tire. The company has stated that it has a clear vision for the brand. Maxtrek has decided to provide "safe, economical and comfortable" tires to drivers on a world wide scale. Maxtrek has made clear their intentions to continue the brand's development by setting up a large production facility and a research and development center in the company's home province of Guangdong, China. The company makes very clear in its press materials that they intend to compete on a global scale and not just at home in China. With their products now available in 40 countries, Maxtrek says that their tires will be as at home on the precision motor-ways of the west as they are on the rough terrain of the middle east.

The company's SU-832 model tire is intended for economical passenger car use. This tire can also be used on light trucks. This tire is intended to provide a significant amount of road traction which translates to more stability for the driver. This is accomplished through a soft tread design. The wide grooves on the tire and its wide footprint insures that this model has maximum road contact.

The INGENS A1 model tire is the company's most popular tire for performance use. As with any good performance tire, special consideration is taken into the look of the tire. Maxtrek hopes that the tread design conveys the passion and innovation the company has at its core. Much research and testing went into ensuring that this tire combines its attractive look with solid performance. The INGENS A1 provides top notch traction and comfort in both wet and dry road conditions.

The Maxtrek tire brand SIERRA S6 model tire is designed for city SUV and light truck use. Taking careful consideration of its intended use, the SIERRA S6 has been designed with high impact resistance and anti-prick innovations in mind. The toughness of this tire is due to the double deck belt ply design used in its production. The tire shares the four wide grooves with the company's economical tires but also involves a zig-zag pattern within the design to better its usage in tougher conditions. This tire is meant to grip the ground in a wide variety of harsh weather conditions.

The company's SU-800 is the company's most extreme tire. Built for 4x4 SUV and ATV type vehicles, this tire is as burly as they come. These tires are designed with durability in mind. An extra durable, long lasting tread compound has been employed to make this an extremely tough tire. The design of this tire has also paid special attention to heat displacement and sideslip protection, making sure that the SU-800 will keep going in all sorts of conditions. Durability is not the only feature of the SU-800. The tire also has deep grooves which provide excellent performance in tough weather conditions.

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